Advantages of real estate development
Brand advantages:
Bringing into product research and development, and take the professional advantages of property management and value-added services to create high-quality brand.
Operational advantages:
Taking advantage of the mature and efficient operation system formed over the years to achieve high quality and high efficiency of the project to create value for shareholders.
Financial advantages:
Taking advantage of the credit and capital advantages brought by the parent group, and carrying out multi-channel and multi-form of financing to help the company develop rapidly.
Real estate development strategies
Strengthen the regional research strategy and make the layout in the cities with development potential
- Further expand the key cities to improve market share
- Enter the cities with development potential and optimize the land reserve
Focus on the development and operation and pay emphasis on project selection
- Put emphasis on project selection and effectively control the operational risks of projects
- Comprehensive comparison of various factors of the projects
Diversified cooperation model to reduce operational risk
- Flexible innovation cooperation model and cooperation diversification: "shareholding and stock-trading, large shareholder trading, small shareholder trading"
- "Benefit sharing and risk sharing" to reduce operational risk
Fine management to expand the project profit margins
- Fine management to improve product standardization
- Strengthen the research of innovative products and enhance the core competitiveness of products

We take use of the advantages of industrial synergies and extend to the industrial real estate
- We actively explore the extension to the industrial real estate relying on the collaborative advantages of industrial development of C&D Group
Brand concept
Create a diamond life
It will be implanted into the corporate brand concept of C&D Property for more than 30 years;
Carefully crafted, long-lasting and solid material connotation featuring maintenance and appreciation of value and common prosperity, which is linked to the real estate development concept for the first time;
We implement high product quality and customer services by high standards to create the residence garden featuring diamond quality.
Carefully crafted
We respect the city culture and construct perfect buildings on each parcel of land; we put emphasis on product details and are concerned about the needs of each customer for residence; we carry out careful design and planning with a view to making every building a residential model.
Lasting and solid
from planning and design to construction, we adhere to the high standards of the industry and improve the monitoring mechanism to ensure the quality of design, timber, and construction; we conduct scientific maintenance, so that products are lasting and strong.
Maintenance and appreciation of value
We provide people-oriented services for customers in the whole process and constantly upgrade the residence quality of housing after delivery; hotel-style high-end property service system pays more attention to the care of each family, providing exclusive value-added services for the owners to maximize the residence value and market value of the housing.
Common prosperity
We are committed to the integration of quality resources and building the best project platform for the capital, land, and team to achieve advantage complementary with partners at the open, integrity, sound, and pragmatic attitude, achieve win-win cooperation, sustainable development and jointly realize the diamond dream.