Xiamen C&D Construction Operation Management Co., Ltd. will be committed to undertaking the entrusted project construction and project management business commissioned by C&D Group and governmental departments in its early development. While expanding the scale of entrusted construction projects, the Company will also proactively adjust and carry out the commercial entrusted construction, capital entrusted construction and other modes. The entrusted business and excellent project operation ability will be effectively combined to enhance the profit margins.
The entrusted construction business of C&D Construction will provide full-cycle operation and management from the project positioning, planning and design, construction management, planning and marketing.
Seven mature products of entrusted construction
- Multi-storey apartments and villas
- City complex
- Large public facilities
- Hospitals
- Hotel property
- Commercial office property
- Exhibition (Conference) Center / Exhibition Hall
Entrusted construction of engineering
he entrusting party commissioned the Company to be responsible for the whole-process management of projects from the prophase management, planning and design, project management, cost management, completion and acceptance, and asset delivery to achieve the objectives of quality, schedule, and investment budget control specified by the contract.
Entrusted construction of operation
The entrusting party provided land and capital and the Company exported brand technology and professional operations team to provide whole-process management of real estate development to achieve win-win cooperation.
Entrusted construction of financing
The Company provides whole-process operation and management services for the financial institutions with real estate investment needs from the project research and judgement, land acquisition to real estate development, and offers financing services to enhance the quality and profits of the project and enhance the own capital return of investors. This will ultimately achieve safe and efficient investment income for the financial institutions.